CNC plasma cutter is a useful tools for metalworking job, it can cut thick steel and stainless, with necessary control program, it can cut pipe steel, too.

For cnc plasma cutter kit uk, client prefer to choose their own plasma cutter kits, but use their plasma source, After a long time work with handle plasma cutter, client usually choose this economical ways to upgrade their metal cutting tools.

How to choose the CNC plasma cutter kits uk australia.

1: Moving system, suggest to choose the square rails, it will be better than round rails

cnc plasma cutter kits

2: Electrical system: suggest to choose a cnc plasma cutter kits with better electrical system including the wire, relay.. they will protect the cutting from plasma interruption.


3: control system: plasma cutter kits usually read NC code, choose a stable system, and it can adjust the cutting speed(line cutting speed, conner cutting speed), and can read all kinds of design file, Maybe some control system have a beautiful screen, but the stabililty and universality is the most important.

cnc plasma cutter kits