pipe cutting and beveling machine

No. Item parameter
11 Can be cutting pipe max. Weight 21000Kg
1 Cutting diameter Φ=20mm-600mm(2in-24in) or special design
2 Plasma bevel thickness According to plasma source
3 Plasma source Hypertherm/LGK/others
4 Plasma cutting thickness of pipe wall According to plasma source
5 Valid cutting length 6m/12m (20feet/40feet)
6 Requirement of angle ≤1%
7 Cutting speed 10~2000mm/min
8 Moving speed 10~6000 mm/min
9 Cutting torch wave angle of axis α=±45°
10 Cutting torch wave angle of diameter β=±45°


No. moving axis Choose cutting axis 4+1 axis/3+1 axis
5 V axis compensation, track crash Auxiliary measurement, profile measurement, automatic This axis do not linkage together
1 X axis Tube axis of rotation Necessary
2 Y axis Torch moves horizontally along the axial axis of the tube Necessary
3 A axis Torch along the tube axis axial plane swing Choose
4 B axis Torch along the tube axis radial plane swing Choose


Used to cut round pipe, and bevel. Read Tkela structures, If need cut other steel box, and beam, we will provide the professional solution

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