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What is the plasma cutting machine price?

There are big difference in plasma cutting machine price, From USD1000-USD20000. it is because the difference of machine configuration and Cutting thickness.


In fact, the CNC plasma cutting machine includ 2 parts, one is plasma source, such as Hypertherm plasma source, that's price will be above USD5000. And our LGK plasma source will be USD2000-USD5000.

hypertherm powermax plasma cutter price lgk-plasma-cutting-machine-price


For cnc plasma cutting machine kits, there are much difference, too, for portable plamsa cutting machine, the price is just under USD3000. desk plamsa cutting machine, the price will be under USD10000. the desk plasma cutting machine kits is almost same with gantry plasma kits.

CNC plamsa cutting machine gantry CNC plasma cutting table portable plasma cutting machine and portable air cutting machine

And much different in Moving system and motor, plasma cutting machine price will be low if using step motor, plasma cutting machine price will be high if using servo motor. and much different in machine body, control system, cutting function...

So, when you choose the CNC Plasma cutting machine, check your cutting demands first, and contrast the machine configuration.