Robot H beam cutter machine

The plasma robot is engineered and developed to profile cut different kinds of structural steel workpiece and shapes by plasma.

Our plasma robot arm for workpiece dimensions up to 1220 mm web width. With this machine we can still adapt to the end customers application. The base machine is standard able to 3D profile cut H-beam, I-beam, T-beam, U-channels and L-channels but on request and at extra costs we can offer square and rectangular pipe and round pipe as well.

we choose the Japan robot, and Chinese robot for the cutting machine.

On the different plasma options from Hypertherm or Kjellberg we can advise you as well to see what is most suiting the application.

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Robot plasma cutting machine is suitable for cutting H-beams mainly due to the following advantages:

Efficient and fast: the robot plasma cutting machine adopts an automated control system, which is able to cut in a high-speed and fast way. h-beams are usually used for components such as beams and columns in building structures, which usually require a large number of cutting processes, and the robot plasma cutting machine is able to complete these tasks efficiently and improve production efficiency.

Flexibility: The cutting path of the robotic plasma cutter can be programmed to flexibly adjust to the cutting needs of H-beams of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility makes it able to cope with various complex cutting tasks and meet diversified production requirements.

High precision: the robot plasma cutting machine is equipped with advanced sensors and control system, which can realize high-precision cutting. h-beam bears important loads and mechanical roles in the building structure, and the cutting precision directly affects the stability and safety of the structure.

Cutting quality: plasma cutting is a thermal cutting technology that can effectively cut metal materials of various thicknesses, including thicker H-beams. Through optimized cutting parameters and cutting head design, the robotic plasma cutting machine is able to achieve better cutting quality and reduce cutting defects and deformation.

Automated operation: the robot plasma cutting machine realizes automated operation, reduces manual intervention, reduces operation risk and improves production safety.

the robot plasma cutting machine is very suitable for cutting H-beam and other large-size metal materials, especially in the fields of construction, bridge, ship and heavy machinery manufacturing due to the advantages of high efficiency and speed, flexibility, high precision, cutting quality and automated operation.

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