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H beam cutting machine

Robot beam and pipe cutting machine

It replaces traditional angle lines, beam drill lines, saws, hydraulic punches, iron workers and coping machines. one machine can cut beam, pipe, and other abnormal shapes pipe.

Main parts

Cutting system

Adopt 6-axis High-speed industry robot. make the robot can cut all kinds of pipe such as round pipe fast, rectangle/square pipe, and can cut all kinds of beam fast, such as I/C/L.

Exhaust system and protective house

  • The safety enclosure is state of the art. It serves to delimit the space reserved for robotic cutting and the circulation area around the system
  • The air outlet makes it possible to extract the smoke (dust collector not included – optional) and prevents health risks associated with plasma smoke
  • The safety cabinet complies with environmental protection and safety standards and help lower insurance costs

Automatic feeding system

  • Function: realize automatic feeding of workpieces.
  • Composition: The servo motor used to control the feeding positioning, clamping device, roller frame.
  • Features: Cylinder clamping, saving manual trolley track using precision guide rails, racks, and feeding smoothness and high accuracy.
  • Simple structure, simple operation, high precision and high efficiency.

Suitable to cut steel beam, big steel pipe & tube