5 axis cnc tube plasma cutting machine​

5 axis tube plasma cutting machine

5 axis CNC steel pipe plasma gas cutter for cutting metal square and round pipes. Good man-machine control panel makes the operation more convenient and easy, and can cut various complicated shapes of metal plates.

The liner guide is imported with high precision and good guiding. The rack is produced by professional factory. Its surface has been carbonized and quenched.

LCD operation panel can prompt various operation methods, and the operator can operate easily after simple training.

The drive system is servo or stepper drive, you can choose China LEADSHINE, Japan Panasonic/YASKAWA servo motor or stepper motor to ensure the whole machine can run smoothly in a wide range of speed with short acceleration time.

The torch height controller can automatically adjust the best cutting distance to ensure high precision cutting of workpiece.

How CNC tube plasma air cutting machine work?

how tube plasma cutter work

Tube plasma cutting beveling machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in metalworking and fabrication industries. This machine combines the capabilities of plasma cutting and beveling to process pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical structures with precision and efficiency.

this  machine commonly used in industries such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing, where precise pipe fabrication and welding are critical. They offer significant time savings and improve the quality and accuracy of the work compared to traditional manual cutting and beveling methods.

What 5 axis cnc Tube plasma cutting machine can cut

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Tube plasma cutting machines have a wide range of applications and are especially suitable for industries that require efficient, high-precision cutting of metal pipes. This kind of cutting machine has important application value in pipeline manufacturing, petrochemical engineering, shipbuilding industry, wind power equipment manufacturing and other fields. When choosing a suitable pipe plasma cutting machine, it is recommended to contact the supplier or manufacturer to learn about its performance and technical parameters to ensure that you choose the right equipment to meet your production needs.