HS cnc plasma cutting machine

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1.Adopt welded platform,humanized design human-computer exchange more convenient and reasonable stable operation and increased life expectance.

2.Professional special-shaped pipe cutting systerm, the AutoCAD platform application development based on the two time, convenient and fast modeling, arbitrary graphics overlapping stick out a mile, can dire-ctly generate standard G code, The 3D simulation, operation, nodal expansion, super long pipe fittings such as spin off, optimization, EGES DXF SAT and STL software compatibility of ultra large.

3.Advantech industrial computer programming can be directly on the machine.Using menu type programming to select input cutting parameter, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, bevel Angle, deviation, compensation, and so on. At the same time a seamless intersection can be made by other professional software

Just One Machine cut steel tubes,steel channel, steel angle, steel beams

3D Design and Nestsoftware, support solidworkds, Tekla

“Shaping the future, the section steel plasma cutting machine helps you to cut to the end! Cutting efficiently and molding accurately to create quality section steel products. Whether it’s a big project or a small one, our plasma cutting machines are up to the task. Save energy, reduce cost and realize sustainable development. Choose section steel plasma cutting machine, casting excellent quality, creating unlimited business opportunities!”

Automatic calibration system, fast feeding, fast cut

This cutting method has the following advantages:

High efficiency: plasma cutting machine can cut H-beam steel efficiently and quickly, saving production time and improving production efficiency.

Accuracy: plasma cutting technology can realize high precision cutting and ensure that the size of the cut H-beam is accurate.

Multi-functionality: plasma cutting machine is not only suitable for H-beam cutting, but also can be applied to other kinds of metal materials cutting, has a wide range of application.

Flat cut: the plasma cutting machine cuts out a flat and smooth cut, reducing the subsequent trimming and processing procedures.

High energy efficiency: plasma cutting machines consume less energy during the cutting process and have better energy efficiency.

Automation: Modern plasma cutting machines are mostly equipped with CNC control system, which can realize automated operation, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

Whether it is a large-scale project or small-scale processing needs, using plasma cutting machine to cut H-beam can meet the cutting requirements of high efficiency, precision and versatility, and provide high-quality cutting solutions for your production.