H series beam cutting machine

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H series CNC beam cutting machine is a good tools in steel Fabrication . It adopt the 3D design software and PCL nestsoftware, which can generate CNC codes from drawings and it save operators and engineers time.This H beam cutting machine is widely used in steel structure, construction, shipbuilding, offshore engineering, elevator manufacture, glass wall installation, bridge and tower construction, and heavy equipment industries. After adding moving axis on torch, our square cutting machine an cut all types of bevels for welding process. This machine can be customized to special specifications and applications

CNC Machine For H/I Beam, Steel channel, steel angle cutting

1:Efficient cutting: H-beam cutting machine adopts specialized cutting technology and cutting head, which can quickly and accurately complete the cutting task of H-beam and improve the production efficiency.

2:High precision: Equipped with advanced control system and sensors, the machine is able to realize high-precision cutting and ensure that the size and angle of H-beams meet the requirements.

3:Versatility: H-beam cutting machine usually has various cutting methods, including straight cutting, inclined cutting, angle cutting, etc., adapting to different shapes and needs of H-beam.

4:Automation control: the equipment is usually equipped with automation control system, which can automatically cut by presetting parameters, reducing manual operation and labor intensity.

5:Safety: H-beam cutting machine usually has perfect safety protection measures to ensure the safety of operators.

5:Environmental protection and energy saving: the use of efficient cutting technology reduces energy consumption and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Compared to traditional cutting methods like sawing or torch cutting, plasma cutting is faster and produces less waste. It also allows for more precise cuts, which is especially important in construction projects where accuracy is crucial. The plasma coping machine is commonly used in the fabrication of steel structures, such as bridges, buildings, and industrial equipment.

H series cnc machine cutting test videos

H-beam cutting machine is widely used in building structure, steel structure processing, bridge manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery manufacturing and other fields. According to different production requirements and scale, you can choose different models and specifications of H-beam cutting machine. When choosing equipment, it is recommended to contact the supplier or manufacturer to understand its performance and technical parameters to ensure that you choose the right equipment to meet your production needs.