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gantry plasma cutting kits

CNC plasma air gantry kits can choose different cutting size

Working Area3000x6000mm3000x8000mm3000*12000mm
Axis of rotation 200*2500MM 200*3000MM 200*3000MM
Cutting Thickness(60A)0.3-5mm(60A)0.3-5mm(60A)0.3-5mm
Control systemSTART /STARFIRE/FL  
Cutting Speed0-9000mm/min0-9000mm/min0-9000mm/min
Moving Speed0-15000mm/min0-15000mm/min0-15000mm/min
Input Voltage3 phase 380V3 phase 380V3 phase 380V
Power Frequency50/60Hz50/60Hz50/60Hz
Files TransferUSB InterfaceUSB InterfaceUSB Interface
ArcUntouched Arc StrikingUntouched Arc StrikingUntouched Arc Striking
Torch height controllerSTART /HYD  

Matching different plasma cutting system, such as Hypertherm, LGK, kjellbery

Choosing a gantry kit in plasma cutting offers several advantages and benefits. Here are some reasons why it can be a preferred option:

Structural Rigidity: Gantry kits provide a sturdy and rigid structure for plasma cutting machines. The gantry design consists of a horizontal beam supported by vertical columns on either side, offering excellent stability during the cutting process. This rigidity helps maintain precise and accurate cuts, particularly when working with thick or heavy metal materials.

Increased Working Area: Gantry kits typically allow for a larger working area compared to other cutting machine designs. The gantry’s overhead beam provides ample space for the cutting head to move along the X-axis while the material is positioned on a table below. This extended working area enables cutting of larger and bulkier workpieces without compromising accuracy or maneuverability.

Versatility: Gantry kits can accommodate various plasma cutting applications. They are suitable for both small-scale and large-scale cutting projects, making them versatile for different industries and manufacturing requirements. The extended working area also enables the integration of additional features like multiple cutting heads, beveling options, and multi-process capabilities.

Stability at High Speeds: Gantry kits are designed to maintain stability and accuracy even at high cutting speeds. The rigid structure minimizes vibrations and oscillations, allowing for faster traverse speeds without compromising cut quality. This stability is crucial for achieving smooth and precise cuts, especially when working with intricate or detailed designs.

Ease of Maintenance: Gantry kits often have accessible and modular designs, making maintenance and repair tasks more straightforward. The components, such as rails, bearings, and drive systems, can be easily accessed and replaced if necessary. This ease of maintenance reduces downtime and ensures the machine operates optimally over an extended period.

Customizability: Gantry kits can be customized to fit specific needs and requirements. Manufacturers often offer options for different gantry sizes, cutting area dimensions, and additional features. This flexibility allows for tailoring the plasma cutting machine to suit individual production demands and workflow preferences.

Scalability: Gantry kits provide scalability options for future growth. If the need arises to increase production capacity or accommodate larger workpieces, gantry-based machines can be expanded or upgraded to meet the evolving needs of the business.