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CNC Tube laser cutting machine details

CNC laser tube cutting machine can cut a wide range of tubes, whether round, square, rectangular, triangular or other profile shapes. The high speed automatic laser tube production line achieves multi-dimensional cutting and breaks through the limitations of flat cutting.

In fast-paced manufacturing landscape, where precision and efficiency are paramount, traditional methods of tube cutting are being replaced by advanced technologies. Our cnc tube laser cutting machine combine the power of laser technology with advanced CNC control systems to deliver unmatched precision, versatility, and productivity in tube cutting applications.

Unleashing the Power of Laser Technology:
Our tube laser cutting machines harness the immense power of fiber laser cutting system to cut through various materials with exceptional accuracy and speed. The laser beam, controlled by our advanced CNC system, delivers a concentrated, high-energy beam that melts and vaporizes the material, producing clean, precise cuts.

Unparalleled Precision and Versatility:
Precision is the hallmark of our tube laser cutting machines. Equipped with advanced CNC control systems, they follow programmed cutting paths to achieve precise and consistent cuts, even for complex shapes, contours, and profiles. Whether it’s straight cuts, miters, notches, or holes, our machines handle them all effortlessly. Additionally, our tube rotation and positioning systems ensure accurate tube positioning, allowing for multi-sided cutting without the need for repositioning, resulting in reduced cycle times and enhanced productivity.

Optimized Efficiency and Cost Savings:
Our tube laser cutting machines are engineered to optimize efficiency and deliver cost savings. The CNC automation and programming capabilities enable uninterrupted production, reducing downtime and maximizing output. The integration of CAD software streamlines the production process by translating 3D models into cutting instructions, eliminating manual errors and minimizing material wastage. With high cutting speeds and minimal setup time, our machines enable faster turnaround, leading to increased productivity and reduced production costs.

Superior Quality and Versatility:
Quality is at the forefront of our tube laser cutting machines. The laser technology, combined with precise CNC control, ensures exceptional cut quality with tight tolerances, sharp edges, and minimal heat-affected zones. The versatility of our machines allows for cutting tubes of various diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths, catering to diverse industry applications such as automotive, aerospace, furniture, construction, and more. Additionally, our machines offer the capability for beveling, further enhancing their versatility for welding and fabrication processes.

Reliability and Support:
we pride ourselves on delivering reliable machines backed by excellent customer support. Our tube laser cutting machines are built to last, incorporating robust construction and quality components. We provide comprehensive training and technical support to ensure our customers can maximize the potential of our machines. Additionally, our dedicated service team is readily available to address any maintenance or service needs promptly, minimizing machine downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

CNC Tube laser cutting machine test videos

Cutting Material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and so on. The tubes can be round, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and other profile shapes.

Applications:Engineering machinery, petrochmical industry, bus manufacturing, steel construction, medical equipment, fitness equipment, electrical engineering etc.

CNC machine laser cutting tube samples