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CNC Tube laser cutting machine details

CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine cuts a large range of tube and pipe, whether round, square, rectangular, triangular or other profile shapes. High-speed automatic laser tube production line has fulfilled multi-dimensional cutting, which breaks through the limitation of plane cutting.


  • Automatic Loading System: round, ellipse, rectangular, Dype tube and etc. can be automatically loaded without human intervention.
  • Advanced Chuck Clamping System: chuck center and clamping force adjust automatically  according to material specification, in case of thin tube damage when clamping .
  • Advanced Layout System: automatically measurement and calculation of material length to optimize cutting sequence and maximize the availability of material.
  • High-speed Cutting System: corner fast response,  greatly improve cutting efficiency.
  • Efficient Unloading System: workpiece can be unloaded automatically in different areas.
  • Ventilation Dust System: advanced ventilation dust system to ensure the neat of site.


  1. Laser tube cutting machine integrates laser drilling, kerf cutting, contour cutting processing of tube surface. The traditional processing way is easy to genetate slag and burr, in additional, it costs time and has low accuracy during cutting. Automatic laser tube cutting machine has intelligent system and high integration, which can achieve real flexible processing. No matter how complex the component figure is, it can achieve high precision one step molding, no need to do follow-up deburring treatment.
  2. One-step molding.
  3. Efficiency and cost saving.

CNC Tube laser cutting machine test videos

Cutting Material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and so on. The tubes can be round, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and other profile shapes.

Applications:Engineering machinery, petrochmical industry, bus manufacturing, steel construction, medical equipment, fitness equipment, electrical engineering etc.

CNC machine laser cutting tube samples