DF cnc fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine

With the rapid advancement of technology, the material processing industry has witnessed an unprecedented revolution. In this fast-paced era, our DF Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machines bring efficient, precise and reliable solutions to meet the ever-increasing production demands.

1. Efficient production, increase capacity
The outstanding performance of fiber laser cutting machine will make your production line more efficient. With advanced fiber laser technology, the machine can cut in seconds, dramatically reducing process cycle time and production costs. Not only that, its exchange platform design also allows quick change of workstations, making your production process seamless and easy to cope with the needs of multi-variety and small-lot production.

2. Precision cutting for non-destructive processing
The precision requirements of material processing are getting higher and higher, fiber laser cutting machine can easily cope with the cutting task of all kinds of materials, whether it is metal, plastic or composite materials, with the high energy density of the laser beam. Through the precision optical system and advanced control technology, it is able to realize millimeter-level accurate cutting, ensuring that each product meets strict quality standards.

3. Safety Protection, Employee Protection
Employee safety is always the top priority of the company. Fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with an efficient shield to effectively isolate the laser radiation and ensure a safe and worry-free working environment. At the same time, it also adopts intelligent operating system, which reduces the difficulty for employees to use and makes the operation easier and safer.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving, green production
In modern society, environmental awareness is increasing. Fiber laser cutting machine is famous for its high energy efficiency and low carbon emission. Compared with traditional cutting technology, it can reduce energy consumption and waste generation, realize green production, and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises.

5. Multi-field application, open up the future
Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in many fields, such as metal processing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic devices and so on. Its versatility and adaptability make it the ultimate choice in material processing. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small or medium-sized manufacturer, fiber laser cutting machine can open up more business opportunities for you.

Machine Parameter

Product Name
CNC Contral Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w
Working area
Maximum cutting thickness
Position accuracy
Maximum moving speed
Operating temperature
Control system
Drive type of X, Y axis
Japan servo drive
Machine size(L*W*H)
Cooling System
Water Cooling
Technical Class
Continuous Wave Laser
Structure Type
Gantry Type
Laser Technology
Laser Vapor Cutting
Wooden case

auto focusing laser head

raytools laser head
stainless fiber laser cutting machine

exchange worktable

Raycus/Maxphotonics/IPG fiber laser cutting machine choose

fiber laser cutting system

Different size of worktable you can choose, 1500mmX3000mm, 2000mmX400mm, laser power can be 1KW-30KW

exchange worktable and protective house

exchange worktable usually refers to a feature on the machine that allows for quick table changes during the cutting process for continuous production and processing. This feature makes operations more efficient, reduces downtime and increases productivity.

The protective house is an important safety feature of fiber laser cutting machines. Since the laser cutting process generates a high energy laser beam, a shield is used to enclose the cutting area to prevent the laser radiation from spreading outward, protecting the operator and the surrounding environment. Shields are usually made of special protective materials that absorb or reflect the laser radiation, ensuring that the laser does not cause injury to personnel during operation.

the exchange platform and the protective house are two important components of a fiber laser cutting machine, which improve productivity and operational safety, respectively.