large format laser cutting machine

gantry laser cutting machine

Ground-rail gantry laser cutting machines are cutting machines with high precision and efficiency for large format metal cutting. These laser cutting machines use a ground track and gantry structure to enable stable and accurate cutting on large-sized workpieces.

Below are a few advantages that make ground rail gantry laser cutting machines suitable for cutting large format metals:

Large working range: The gantry structure and ground track of the ground rail gantry laser cutting machine enable it to cover a large cutting area, which is suitable for large-size metal materials.

High Precision: The laser cutting technology itself is characterized by high precision, which, combined with the stability of the ground-rail gantry structure, enables fine cutting of large-size workpieces.

High efficiency: the motion system of the ground rail gantry laser cutting machine is relatively fast, which can complete the cutting of large-size metal materials in a shorter time and improve the production efficiency.

High degree of automation: these cutting machines are usually equipped with advanced control systems, which can realize automated operation, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency and consistency.

Cutting a wide range of metals: laser cutting technology is suitable for a wide range of metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, etc., which makes the floor rail gantry laser cutting machine widely used in a variety of industries.

GF series cnc gantry fiber laser cutting machine
Cutting width2500mm3000mm3500mm
Cutting length6 meter/12meter
Cutting thickness0-50mm
Laser power6000w/12000w/20000w/30000w
when the size of metal plate above 6 meter, it is hard to lift the plate onto the desk laser cutting machine. but gantry type laser cutting machine can solve this question.The big cutting size can ensure that the sheet is integrally formed without splicing and processing, and improve the utilization rate of the sheet
gantry kits

6KW-30KW laser cutting system choose, suitable to cut thick metal

large format laser cutting

Gantry laser cutting machine is a high-precision laser cutting equipment, which is widely used in many different industries, especially in fields that require high precision, high efficiency and diverse cutting needs. The following are some of the common industries where it is used:

Metal Processing Industry: Gantry laser cutting machines are widely used in the metal processing field for cutting and engraving a variety of metal materials such as steel plates, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and more. These materials are widely used in the manufacturing industry, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding and other fields.