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With factory of Laser cutting machine and Plasma/ air CNC cutting machine, we professional in metalworking solution.

  • Tube/beam/profiling cutting bevel solution
  • Laser/plasma/ air CNC Cutting machine
  • Metalworking CNC solution provider

Tell us your process demands, we will give you the perfect solution

Welcome to PCL Group!

PCL was established in 2010, Pipe plamsa cutting machinerely on our own factory, and a strong team of experts who has tens year of experience in Metalworking  industry and Woodworking industry,we wish we can provide you with the most efficient, the most economic working scheme..More


stainless fiber laser cutting machine

Perfect Solution for your work

Before the machine offer, our engnieer will discuess the solution first, and provide the most suitable machine choose, and give client the work test videos
steel Laser cutting machine

Best after- service

Our after service is the best in the world, we can provide the solution in 6 hours, accept the guide by live videos or sent engineers to client factory
pipe plasma cutting machine

Best parts in the world

All of parts of our machine use the best in the world, you can see the Certificate of Origin, what is more, we can give you the configuration you like, such as control system

CNC Plasma air cutting machine

Can choose Hypertherm Plamsa, LGK plasma, . it can cut sheet/pipe/beam/profiling steel. and have the bevel machine
CNC plasma cutting table

P1325 Plamsa air cnc cutting machine

Tube CNC Plamsa air cutting machine

3 axis pipe plasma cutting machine

CNC Pipe plasma cutting bevel machine, 3D plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting table

P1530 Plamsa air cnc cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting table

P1540 Plamsa air cnc cutting machine

CNC plamsa cutting machine gantry

CNC gantry plasma air cutting machine

portable plasma cutting machine and portable air cutting machine

CNC Portable plamsa air cutting machine

3 axis pipe plasma cutting machine

CNC Pipe plamsa cutting machine

Stainless Fiber laser cutting machine

DF1530 fiber laser cutting machine

3D laser cutting machine

3D robot laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer

LF1325 Fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer

LF1530 CNC Fiber laser cutting machine

DF2040 fiber laser cutting machine

CNC pipe profile laser cutting machine

pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine

How to purchase the machine

we provide the machine work test, and samples process

Laser pipe cutting purchase

Give us your demands

You will tell us your cutting demands, such as size of metal, diameter of tube, cutting and beveling demands, or just give us your design

sheet/tube cnc cutting

Provide our soluton&offer

we can give you the full CNC solution and offer in 6 hours, if you have design, we can cut them for you in 24 workinghours to show you our work

Fiber laser cutting stainless

Machine produce and test

Our machine delivery time is 15 days, after your 20% deposit, we will produce the machine, and you can test the machine according to your demands

Plasma cutting machine shipment

Full payment and Machine delivery

After the full payment, we will ship the machine in the first time, our machine pacakge use the professional wood box

Laser/plasma Cutting samples, we can cut your design for machine test
This machine is very good, our client like our cutting work, great
Ahan Hanly
James is a good person, after install the machine, he make our old plasma cutter work again, thank you.
CE/ISO/FDA for CNC plasma and laser machine
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2 years warranty! full payment after machine test!


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